Ever thought of having an antique compass as a paperweight? Well, antique compasses make brilliant paperweights and also perform the purpose of wonderful home décor pieces. Using chunky glass as paperweight has gone out of style. New patterns of paperweights are coming in market and antique compasses are on top of the list.
What makes compasses unique is their historical significance. Compasses were used for navigation by sailor and naval forces in past. Today, with the availability of advanced technology, the practical use of compasses has diminished but their significance as the remnants of past remains. Compasses are a rarity and thus will surely make an impression if used as a paperweight. Your friends, relatives or any other visitor will surely complement you on your extra-ordinary paperweight.

On Collectiblesbuy, you can get compass replicas of various styles – brass compass, sundial compass, telescopic compass, chain compass, compass on a wooden base etc. A wooden base enhances the aesthetic appeal of the compass and adds a royal touch to it. The compasses are fully functional so you can use them while boating, hiking and other adventures. The skilled artisans of Collectiblesbuy can also make custom compasses as per your liking. Thus, you can have a tailor-made compass paperweight for your home/office. You can also get the name of special someone or a beautiful message engraved on the compass.

Besides vintage compasses, you can also find many other vintage collectibles at Collectiblesbuy like tripod floor lamps, binoculars, telescopes, chess boards, jewellery, sand timers, cameras etc.

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