All people who possess a deep passion for sea just adore to collect all the items that belong to turquoise blue waters and sandy beaches- whether its sea shells, conchs, wine drums, marine lamps, telescopes or just maps; each collectible touches to their core where a wannabe sailor dwells. One such collectible is a vintage compass.

Though a remnant of the past, antique compasses still instil the pirate thrill in sea lovers and they consider themselves no less than Jack Sparrow if they stumble upon one by coincidence!! Well Collectiblesbuy has come up with a wide variety of maritime compasses for the sailor in you. You can get both sundial and military compass replicas made with the skilled hands our apt artisans. These talented people can even carve out any quote or name of your special someone on the compasses. So, you can take along it as a remembrance with you while going on a sea ride.

Here is a list of some of the antique compasses that we have in store:

• Navigational Compass Wooden Base Brass Telescope

• Navigational Brass Compass Royal Navy 1917

• Nautical Brass Instrument Sundial Compass Golden Replica

• Vintage Brass Adventure Compass

• Vintage Royal Navy London Compass with Chain

• Lensatic Military Compass Navigational Brass Device Nautical Gift

Buy a vintage boat compass for yourself or gift it to a sea fanatic or navy person.

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