Vintage compass makes excellent nautical decor. Earlier compasses were used only for navigation but not they are used to decorate walls too. Vintage compasses are high in demand among interior decorators. The design and usefulness of vintage compass make it an interesting option for interior decoration.

Use of Vintage Compass as Wall Decor

Walls are like a canvas where you can showcase your creativity in the form of wall art. There is a wide range of items available to decorate walls. You can put up family photos, collages, wall hangings, paintings and more. The idea is to impart a unique identity to each wall. If you use the same type of items to decorate your living room, dining space and other areas, it will appear to be copy paste. So, you will need different type of items to decorate different areas of your house.

Vintage compass is one such item that is capable of giving a unique look to an interior. These compasses handmade with brass, wood and metal offer a variety of options to home owners. Here is a list of interesting options available with vintage compass:

  • Compass Brooch
  • Compass Cufflinks
  • Compass Art
  • Sundial Compass
  • Pocket Compass
  • Drafting Compass
  • Antique Compass Ring
  • Travel Compass

Even compass pendant is also available for purchase today. They are handmade with glass and set in a different metal pendant tray. When it comes to buying vintage decorative items from Collectibles Buy, you can have this and much more. Just tell us your requirements, and we will handcraft it for you. To contact, call 9015036620.