Most of us have a passion to collect something or other- coins, stamps, rings etc. Among them, collecting antique marine objects is also a passion mostly found in sea lovers or navy people. Antique compasses, sand timers, divers helmet, ship portholes, telescopes etc. are majorly found in a marine collection. But, individual marine collectibles too have their varieties. For example, take telescopes. Antique telescopes come in various designs and shapes.

Here is a list of vintage nautical telescopes you can add to you marine collection:

• Telescopes with tripod stands

These telescopes come with a wooden or metal tripod stand which make the telescope easy to move or place on any surface.

• Telescopic compass

A telescopic compass is an amalgamation of a compass and a telescope. It can be used as a table decorative.

• Walking stick telescope

This kind of telescope comes mounted on a walking wooden stick. It serves multiple functions. The stick can be used for various purposes- strolls (in case of old men), as a stand for telescope and much more.

• Leather telescope

A leather telescope is a metal telescope with leather covering. It gives unique military look to the telescope.

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