The ways of lighting the interiors have revolutionized over time. We have bulbs and tube lights to light up our homes instead of lamps that were used in the past to ward off darkness. But, you have to agree that modern lightings can never replace the aura of vintage lamps as antique lamps were more than just lighting objects- they were artefacts- a part of home decoration. Vintage lamps are available to buy in various versions and designs. They are available in bronze, copper, silver, chrome and other metallic finishes.

Read the list below in order to choose a vintage lamp to adorn your house:

• Desk Lamps

Desk lamps are versatile form of home decor pieces. You can place them on your study table, dining table, PC table or workstation in office. Desk lamps can be used to light up a particular showpiece or photo frame placed on a table.

• Floor Lamps

Floor lamps do not need a support to stand and can be easily placed beside your dinner or study table. This way, you save a lot of working space. Placing a floor lamp beside sofas or any other furniture piece will beautifully complement the overall setting of the house.

• Ceiling Lamps

Vintage ceiling lamps are ideal solutions to light up a hallway or any particular place like dining area, kitchen or porch.

• Marine Lamps

Marine lamps have a unique quality about them, and, they give a totally different feel when it comes to lighting. They are perfect to light up your entrance or garden as the rustic design of these lamps greatly complement the natural surroundings. Thus, if you have a garden or roof top party, then marine lamps will oomph up the glamour of the celebration.

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