Giving a new look to your home is a tough task. We all desire to design our homes like the magnificent bungalows that we see in interior magazines. These houses are designed by professional designers and all of us do not have the luxury to afford an interior designer. So, the best option to give a unique appeal to your home is through proper lighting.

By proper lighting, it doesn’t mean that you stud your house with infinite bulbs but here we are talking about using designer and antique lamps to warm up the atmosphere of your living room, bed room or any other part of the house. Collectiblesbuy sells replicas of a large variety of vintage lamps. We have – tripod desk lamp, tripod floor lamp, marine lamp, ceiling lamp and searchlights to adorn your abode.

Each lamp is used for different lighting purposes. Ceiling lamps are good for overall lighting of hall or a particular room. But, if you want centralised lighting that focus on a particular object like for reading or studying, then desk lamps and floor lamps are best option. Marine lamps look beautiful both indoors and outdoors. They are perfect for garden lighting. Searchlights too can be used to light your backyard or any dark corner of the house. The lamps are available in brass, chrome, copper and steel finishes. There are lamps for every budget. The combo of desk and floor lamp is also available. If you want the lamps to be custom made, then our skilled artisans can do that for you.  

Collectibles has a wide collection of other antique decor collectibles besides vintage lamps. We have antique compass, sand timers, telescopes, chessboards, rotary phones and much more.

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