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Giving a new look to your home is a tough task. We all desire to design our homes like the magnificent bungalows that we see in interior magazines. These houses are designed by professional designers and all of us do not have the luxury to afford an interior designer. So, the best option to give a unique appeal to your home is through proper lighting.

By proper lighting, it doesn’t mean that you stud your house with infinite bulbs but here we are talking about using designer and antique lamps to warm up the atmosphere of your living room, bed room or any other part of the house. Collectiblesbuy sells replicas of a large variety of vintage lamps. We have – tripod desk lamp, tripod floor lamp, marine lamp, ceiling lamp and searchlights to adorn your abode.

Each lamp is used for different lighting purposes. Ceiling lamps are good for overall lighting of hall or a particular room. But, if you want centralised lighting that focus on a particular object like for reading or studying, then desk lamps and floor lamps are best option. Marine lamps look beautiful both indoors and outdoors. They are perfect for garden lighting. Searchlights too can be used to light your backyard or any dark corner of the house. The lamps are available in brass, chrome, copper and steel finishes. There are lamps for every budget. The combo of desk and floor lamp is also available. If you want the lamps to be custom made, then our skilled artisans can do that for you.  

Collectibles has a wide collection of other antique decor collectibles besides vintage lamps. We have antique compass, sand timers, telescopes, chessboards, rotary phones and much more.

You can call us on 9015036620 or mail us at to know more about the fabulous range of vintage collectibles that we offer.

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Ever thought of having an antique compass as a paperweight? Well, antique compasses make brilliant paperweights and also perform the purpose of wonderful home décor pieces. Using chunky glass as paperweight has gone out of style. New patterns of paperweights are coming in market and antique compasses are on top of the list.
What makes compasses unique is their historical significance. Compasses were used for navigation by sailor and naval forces in past. Today, with the availability of advanced technology, the practical use of compasses has diminished but their significance as the remnants of past remains. Compasses are a rarity and thus will surely make an impression if used as a paperweight. Your friends, relatives or any other visitor will surely complement you on your extra-ordinary paperweight.

On Collectiblesbuy, you can get compass replicas of various styles – brass compass, sundial compass, telescopic compass, chain compass, compass on a wooden base etc. A wooden base enhances the aesthetic appeal of the compass and adds a royal touch to it. The compasses are fully functional so you can use them while boating, hiking and other adventures. The skilled artisans of Collectiblesbuy can also make custom compasses as per your liking. Thus, you can have a tailor-made compass paperweight for your home/office. You can also get the name of special someone or a beautiful message engraved on the compass.

Besides vintage compasses, you can also find many other vintage collectibles at Collectiblesbuy like tripod floor lamps, binoculars, telescopes, chess boards, jewellery, sand timers, cameras etc.

Call Collectiblesbuy on 9015036620 to order an antique compass.

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A properly furnished home also sometimes lacks something that needs to be added to maximize its elegance and grandeur. Proper lighting with the furniture adds a new life to the ambience of your house.

As compared to desk lamps, floor lamps possess the ability to light up a large section of home. They can be used to light up a particular wall, a room, a hallway or specific areas like living room or dining room. Floor lamps add height to your furniture. Unlike desk lamps, they needn’t to be put on a table and thus save table/ desk space. So, they are good for keeping alongside your reading table, coffee table or dining table. They form wonderful home décor pieces.

You can buy them in any shape or design to add beauty to your house. Collectiblesbuy has a wide range of nautical floor lamps. These are replicas that are formed with a blend of modern technology. They have adjustable and flexible necks which make the lighting task easy. They are available in steel, copper, chrome and brass finishes. They can be used for decorative, functional and gifting purposes.

Floor lamps also serve many commercial purposes. They can be used in art galleries, photo studios, movie promotions, advertisements, fests and various other events.

The floor lamps come with a tripod stand which makes them easy to carry. Tripod floor lamps are sturdy and can be placed in any part of house/office.
Add light to the dark corners of your home today. Mail Collectiblebuy at  .

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Many Shades Of Vintage Lamps

Apr 26, 2016 12:43:28 PM

Vintage lamps can be used in many ways – creating a perfect atmosphere for reading, illuminating a small area in style or spreading a cosy feel throughout.  Whether you wish to shop for a ceiling light, table lamp or floor lamp, make sure to keep your interiors in mind. Believe us when we say, even experts need help to assure the shape, size and scale.

Antique and vintage lamps span a broad spectrum, including styles like Victorian and Slag Glass. The oil lamp is perhaps the earliest type of lamp in existence.  During the Victorian era between the 1840s and the early 1900s, oil lamps coexisted with early electric lamps. Ornate glass lampshades with floral imagery became popular towards the end of the 1800s. These lamps started to become a decorative, rather than just functional.

At Collectiblesbuy, we have a wide collection of lamps and lightings for sale online. Our lamps are crafted with exquisite details to make it amazing in any space. There are different styles to choose from and give a unique look to the interiors. If you wish to get a piece customised for your space, we can also do that while retaining our specialty. Our vintage replicas are made of the finest quality materials to the highest standards reflecting art and style.

Order online and we will deliver the items at your doorstep. We also offer hassle-free and affordable shopping experience. Get the best priced and best quality items for gifting or home decoration purposes.

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Marine Lamps: Find It, Buy It!

Feb 29, 2016 3:06:40 PM

Buying an antique ship lamp as a gift item is not something you usually consider. The most common reason for this is people believe it to be beyond their budget. For all those who think they cannot get their hands on an antique lamp, we have good news for you.

At Collectibles Buy, we offer a wide range of antique lamps including marine lamps, ceiling lights, tripod floor and desktop lamps and lamp stands. These lamps are antique reproductions of the historical designs of the era to which they belong. They are available at pocket-friendly prices and attractive designs.

Lamps Used Onboard Ships 

In history, ship lamps were used to provide handy, secure communication during periods of radio silence as well as other times. There were several types of marine lamps used as signal lamps by the Naval Forces. Another type of signaling lamp was the Begbie lamp, a kerosene lamp with a lens to focus light over a long distance. We have kept these antique lamp designs in stock to keep them alive as decorative in modern homes.

Antique lamps are very popular as housewarming gifts. People in love with lamps and lighting have a soft corner for marine lamps because they warm up the look of a space in an instant. Made of brass, steel and copper, these marine lamps are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. If you are not sure which marine lamp to buy, do not feel confused. Chat with us and we will help you find the ideal gift as per your needs and budget.  Keep visiting Collectibles Buy for more!

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