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All people who possess a deep passion for sea just adore to collect all the items that belong to turquoise blue waters and sandy beaches- whether its sea shells, conchs, wine drums, marine lamps, telescopes or just maps; each collectible touches to their core where a wannabe sailor dwells. One such collectible is a vintage compass.

Though a remnant of the past, antique compasses still instil the pirate thrill in sea lovers and they consider themselves no less than Jack Sparrow if they stumble upon one by coincidence!! Well Collectiblesbuy has come up with a wide variety of maritime compasses for the sailor in you. You can get both sundial and military compass replicas made with the skilled hands our apt artisans. These talented people can even carve out any quote or name of your special someone on the compasses. So, you can take along it as a remembrance with you while going on a sea ride.

Here is a list of some of the antique compasses that we have in store:

• Navigational Compass Wooden Base Brass Telescope

• Navigational Brass Compass Royal Navy 1917

• Nautical Brass Instrument Sundial Compass Golden Replica

• Vintage Brass Adventure Compass

• Vintage Royal Navy London Compass with Chain

• Lensatic Military Compass Navigational Brass Device Nautical Gift

Buy a vintage boat compass for yourself or gift it to a sea fanatic or navy person.

Contact Collectiblesbuy at to check out our full vintage nautical collection.

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How many times have you wondered what would the diamonds in the sky look like from a closer view? Quite often, right! Sky is full of astonishingly beautiful wonders and for a star-gazer, owning a telescope is a dream come true. And on top of that, if that telescope is an antique masterpiece, then it works like a cherry on the cake.

Collectibles has a large collection of vintage objects ranging from nautical collectibles like vintage compass, telescopes and divers’ helmet to wooden artifacts like chessboards, cameras and many other products. If you are a sheer astronomer and just love star-gazing, then a brass telescope is the ultimate product for you. The telescope replicas are made to perfection by our skilled artisans. The telescope can be used for other purposes besides viewing celestial objects like bird watching, hiking, boating, expeditions and camping. They are also wonderful gifts for both elders and kids who are also lovers of extra-terrestrial bodies. Furthermore, they are wonderful décor pieces for both your home and office.

For a convenient star-gazing experience, you can buy the telescope with a tripod stand or go for a telescope that comes mounted on a wooden stick.
So, next time you hear about a meteor/comet that is not going to appear till next 75 years, just grab a telescope and don’t miss the opportunity.
Brass telescopes are available at convenient prices at Colletiblesbuy. Order now and get free delivery!

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Vintage Compass Wall Art

Mar 15, 2016 4:39:10 PM

Vintage compass makes excellent nautical decor. Earlier compasses were used only for navigation but not they are used to decorate walls too. Vintage compasses are high in demand among interior decorators. The design and usefulness of vintage compass make it an interesting option for interior decoration.

Use of Vintage Compass as Wall Decor

Walls are like a canvas where you can showcase your creativity in the form of wall art. There is a wide range of items available to decorate walls. You can put up family photos, collages, wall hangings, paintings and more. The idea is to impart a unique identity to each wall. If you use the same type of items to decorate your living room, dining space and other areas, it will appear to be copy paste. So, you will need different type of items to decorate different areas of your house.

Vintage compass is one such item that is capable of giving a unique look to an interior. These compasses handmade with brass, wood and metal offer a variety of options to home owners. Here is a list of interesting options available with vintage compass:

  • Compass Brooch
  • Compass Cufflinks
  • Compass Art
  • Sundial Compass
  • Pocket Compass
  • Drafting Compass
  • Antique Compass Ring
  • Travel Compass

Even compass pendant is also available for purchase today. They are handmade with glass and set in a different metal pendant tray. When it comes to buying vintage decorative items from Collectibles Buy, you can have this and much more. Just tell us your requirements, and we will handcraft it for you. To contact, call 9015036620.



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Home Decoration Items: In the Spotlight

Mar 9, 2016 11:50:22 AM

Diverting your mind from the procurable to unprocurable, we bring home decoration accessories that take us back to history. Collectiblesbuy is proud to present with reproductions of antique designs that are not easily available, and even if does digs out a big hole in your pocket. We started this online store with the mission of making vintage decor accessible to each and all.
 Retro telephones, gramophones, pocket watches, and vintage clocks are the most common vintage decors you may have come across. But, we have items in stock that are beyond the prevalent. We have vintage boat compass, retro telescopes, tripod floor lamps, antique jewellery, metal craft and more. These items do not only impart aesthetics value to your home but also reflects a different side to your personality when it comes to choosing home decoration items.

Why in the spotlight?

Antique reproductions created by us are crafted with attention to detail. They have great finish and reflect the original designs end-to-end.  Antique lovers will stand to admire the look and feel of the antique reproductions that we produce.   
The antique collection we have is vast in range. You will not find may people adoring their houses or workplaces with these kinds of items. We wish to offer that choice to you to make your decor unique in its own right. Choose from our vast selection and if you find that any particular item you are searching for is not available, tell us and we will craft it for you.

For details, feel free to call our online support 24/7.  

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If you think handcrafted antique showpieces are something you cannot buy for your man for the coming Valentine’s Day, you need to wake up from your slumber! Although beautiful, antique items made of wood and brass were pretty costly and seemed something only super rich could buy; they have now become a standard gift item. 

Collectibles Buy has been providing timeless antique replicas to their Indian and overseas clients for more than 30 years now. Our wide variety of handcrafted antique replicas of nautical and vintage items including vintage cameras, chess boards, antique telephones, ceiling lights, antique compass, ship portholes, and stone and bone jewellery. Seems good?

Buying a pair of formal trousers for you hubby or a DVD of his favourite movie are pretty good ideas but if your man is really into the classy stuff (like having a vintage brass desk lamp on his office table), he would really appreciate you taking the extra step and getting him a one-of-a-kind present. The added advantage of buying antique replicas from Collectibles Buy is that you get free express delivery all over the country. We follow a strict quality maintenance program to ensure that every piece that leaves our production facility is nothing short of perfect and what the buyer deserves for the investments made by him/her.

Whether you are buying a present for the ‘man of your dreams’ or the ‘lady love’ in your life, Collectibles Buy has an extensive range of vintage and antique themed items for you to choose from. For any product or order related queries, feel free to contact us on +91 9015036620 or send them via mail at  

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