How many times have you wondered what would the diamonds in the sky look like from a closer view? Quite often, right! Sky is full of astonishingly beautiful wonders and for a star-gazer, owning a telescope is a dream come true. And on top of that, if that telescope is an antique masterpiece, then it works like a cherry on the cake.

Collectibles has a large collection of vintage objects ranging from nautical collectibles like vintage compass, telescopes and divers’ helmet to wooden artifacts like chessboards, cameras and many other products. If you are a sheer astronomer and just love star-gazing, then a brass telescope is the ultimate product for you. The telescope replicas are made to perfection by our skilled artisans. The telescope can be used for other purposes besides viewing celestial objects like bird watching, hiking, boating, expeditions and camping. They are also wonderful gifts for both elders and kids who are also lovers of extra-terrestrial bodies. Furthermore, they are wonderful décor pieces for both your home and office.

For a convenient star-gazing experience, you can buy the telescope with a tripod stand or go for a telescope that comes mounted on a wooden stick.
So, next time you hear about a meteor/comet that is not going to appear till next 75 years, just grab a telescope and don’t miss the opportunity.
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