Buying an antique ship lamp as a gift item is not something you usually consider. The most common reason for this is people believe it to be beyond their budget. For all those who think they cannot get their hands on an antique lamp, we have good news for you.

At Collectibles Buy, we offer a wide range of antique lamps including marine lamps, ceiling lights, tripod floor and desktop lamps and lamp stands. These lamps are antique reproductions of the historical designs of the era to which they belong. They are available at pocket-friendly prices and attractive designs.

Lamps Used Onboard Ships 

In history, ship lamps were used to provide handy, secure communication during periods of radio silence as well as other times. There were several types of marine lamps used as signal lamps by the Naval Forces. Another type of signaling lamp was the Begbie lamp, a kerosene lamp with a lens to focus light over a long distance. We have kept these antique lamp designs in stock to keep them alive as decorative in modern homes.

Antique lamps are very popular as housewarming gifts. People in love with lamps and lighting have a soft corner for marine lamps because they warm up the look of a space in an instant. Made of brass, steel and copper, these marine lamps are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. If you are not sure which marine lamp to buy, do not feel confused. Chat with us and we will help you find the ideal gift as per your needs and budget.  Keep visiting Collectibles Buy for more!