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All people who possess a deep passion for sea just adore to collect all the items that belong to turquoise blue waters and sandy beaches- whether its sea shells, conchs, wine drums, marine lamps, telescopes or just maps; each collectible touches to their core where a wannabe sailor dwells. One such collectible is a vintage compass.

Though a remnant of the past, antique compasses still instil the pirate thrill in sea lovers and they consider themselves no less than Jack Sparrow if they stumble upon one by coincidence!! Well Collectiblesbuy has come up with a wide variety of maritime compasses for the sailor in you. You can get both sundial and military compass replicas made with the skilled hands our apt artisans. These talented people can even carve out any quote or name of your special someone on the compasses. So, you can take along it as a remembrance with you while going on a sea ride.

Here is a list of some of the antique compasses that we have in store:

• Navigational Compass Wooden Base Brass Telescope

• Navigational Brass Compass Royal Navy 1917

• Nautical Brass Instrument Sundial Compass Golden Replica

• Vintage Brass Adventure Compass

• Vintage Royal Navy London Compass with Chain

• Lensatic Military Compass Navigational Brass Device Nautical Gift

Buy a vintage boat compass for yourself or gift it to a sea fanatic or navy person.

Contact Collectiblesbuy at to check out our full vintage nautical collection.

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The ways of lighting the interiors have revolutionized over time. We have bulbs and tube lights to light up our homes instead of lamps that were used in the past to ward off darkness. But, you have to agree that modern lightings can never replace the aura of vintage lamps as antique lamps were more than just lighting objects- they were artefacts- a part of home decoration. Vintage lamps are available to buy in various versions and designs. They are available in bronze, copper, silver, chrome and other metallic finishes.

Read the list below in order to choose a vintage lamp to adorn your house:

• Desk Lamps

Desk lamps are versatile form of home decor pieces. You can place them on your study table, dining table, PC table or workstation in office. Desk lamps can be used to light up a particular showpiece or photo frame placed on a table.

• Floor Lamps

Floor lamps do not need a support to stand and can be easily placed beside your dinner or study table. This way, you save a lot of working space. Placing a floor lamp beside sofas or any other furniture piece will beautifully complement the overall setting of the house.

• Ceiling Lamps

Vintage ceiling lamps are ideal solutions to light up a hallway or any particular place like dining area, kitchen or porch.

• Marine Lamps

Marine lamps have a unique quality about them, and, they give a totally different feel when it comes to lighting. They are perfect to light up your entrance or garden as the rustic design of these lamps greatly complement the natural surroundings. Thus, if you have a garden or roof top party, then marine lamps will oomph up the glamour of the celebration.

Visit Collectiblesbuy to buy from our large collection of antique home decor online. We have antique ceiling lamps, desk lamps, floor lamps, marine lamps, nautical telescopes, compasses, sand timers, chessboards and various other vintage collectibles to buy from. Call us at 9015036620 or mail at to order any home decorative.

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Most of us have a passion to collect something or other- coins, stamps, rings etc. Among them, collecting antique marine objects is also a passion mostly found in sea lovers or navy people. Antique compasses, sand timers, divers helmet, ship portholes, telescopes etc. are majorly found in a marine collection. But, individual marine collectibles too have their varieties. For example, take telescopes. Antique telescopes come in various designs and shapes.

Here is a list of vintage nautical telescopes you can add to you marine collection:

• Telescopes with tripod stands

These telescopes come with a wooden or metal tripod stand which make the telescope easy to move or place on any surface.

• Telescopic compass

A telescopic compass is an amalgamation of a compass and a telescope. It can be used as a table decorative.

• Walking stick telescope

This kind of telescope comes mounted on a walking wooden stick. It serves multiple functions. The stick can be used for various purposes- strolls (in case of old men), as a stand for telescope and much more.

• Leather telescope

A leather telescope is a metal telescope with leather covering. It gives unique military look to the telescope.

Collectiblesbuy has a wide collection of antique nautical telescopes in leather, copper and brass finishes. You can get a tripod telescope, walking stick telescope, telescopic compass or any other kind of vintage telescope at competitive prices.
Mail Collectiblesbuy at to know more about the vintage telescopes we provide.

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Giving a new look to your home is a tough task. We all desire to design our homes like the magnificent bungalows that we see in interior magazines. These houses are designed by professional designers and all of us do not have the luxury to afford an interior designer. So, the best option to give a unique appeal to your home is through proper lighting.

By proper lighting, it doesn’t mean that you stud your house with infinite bulbs but here we are talking about using designer and antique lamps to warm up the atmosphere of your living room, bed room or any other part of the house. Collectiblesbuy sells replicas of a large variety of vintage lamps. We have – tripod desk lamp, tripod floor lamp, marine lamp, ceiling lamp and searchlights to adorn your abode.

Each lamp is used for different lighting purposes. Ceiling lamps are good for overall lighting of hall or a particular room. But, if you want centralised lighting that focus on a particular object like for reading or studying, then desk lamps and floor lamps are best option. Marine lamps look beautiful both indoors and outdoors. They are perfect for garden lighting. Searchlights too can be used to light your backyard or any dark corner of the house. The lamps are available in brass, chrome, copper and steel finishes. There are lamps for every budget. The combo of desk and floor lamp is also available. If you want the lamps to be custom made, then our skilled artisans can do that for you.  

Collectibles has a wide collection of other antique decor collectibles besides vintage lamps. We have antique compass, sand timers, telescopes, chessboards, rotary phones and much more.

You can call us on 9015036620 or mail us at to know more about the fabulous range of vintage collectibles that we offer.

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Ever thought of having an antique compass as a paperweight? Well, antique compasses make brilliant paperweights and also perform the purpose of wonderful home décor pieces. Using chunky glass as paperweight has gone out of style. New patterns of paperweights are coming in market and antique compasses are on top of the list.
What makes compasses unique is their historical significance. Compasses were used for navigation by sailor and naval forces in past. Today, with the availability of advanced technology, the practical use of compasses has diminished but their significance as the remnants of past remains. Compasses are a rarity and thus will surely make an impression if used as a paperweight. Your friends, relatives or any other visitor will surely complement you on your extra-ordinary paperweight.

On Collectiblesbuy, you can get compass replicas of various styles – brass compass, sundial compass, telescopic compass, chain compass, compass on a wooden base etc. A wooden base enhances the aesthetic appeal of the compass and adds a royal touch to it. The compasses are fully functional so you can use them while boating, hiking and other adventures. The skilled artisans of Collectiblesbuy can also make custom compasses as per your liking. Thus, you can have a tailor-made compass paperweight for your home/office. You can also get the name of special someone or a beautiful message engraved on the compass.

Besides vintage compasses, you can also find many other vintage collectibles at Collectiblesbuy like tripod floor lamps, binoculars, telescopes, chess boards, jewellery, sand timers, cameras etc.

Call Collectiblesbuy on 9015036620 to order an antique compass.

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How many times have you wondered what would the diamonds in the sky look like from a closer view? Quite often, right! Sky is full of astonishingly beautiful wonders and for a star-gazer, owning a telescope is a dream come true. And on top of that, if that telescope is an antique masterpiece, then it works like a cherry on the cake.

Collectibles has a large collection of vintage objects ranging from nautical collectibles like vintage compass, telescopes and divers’ helmet to wooden artifacts like chessboards, cameras and many other products. If you are a sheer astronomer and just love star-gazing, then a brass telescope is the ultimate product for you. The telescope replicas are made to perfection by our skilled artisans. The telescope can be used for other purposes besides viewing celestial objects like bird watching, hiking, boating, expeditions and camping. They are also wonderful gifts for both elders and kids who are also lovers of extra-terrestrial bodies. Furthermore, they are wonderful décor pieces for both your home and office.

For a convenient star-gazing experience, you can buy the telescope with a tripod stand or go for a telescope that comes mounted on a wooden stick.
So, next time you hear about a meteor/comet that is not going to appear till next 75 years, just grab a telescope and don’t miss the opportunity.
Brass telescopes are available at convenient prices at Colletiblesbuy. Order now and get free delivery!

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